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Belmorso is the authentic taste of Italy packed for you to enjoy here in Ireland.

When you grab a Belmorso product, we want you to know what’s behind it….a big family with an even bigger passion for Italian food, an old man picking the freshest vegetables, another man harvesting the highest quality grains, a grandma testing those ingredients in her kitchen, and a lot of love throughout the whole process of producing and packing the products that will arrive to your table.

Why the name Belmorso? It’s very simple… For us Italians, food is life, so we like to make every bite count by being a great one….hence, bel morso

ham and cheese omelette

Ham and cheese omelette frittata

Ham and cheese omelette frittata A few weeks ago we shared a breakfast omelette and you really liked it. So we are back with another omelette. This time though is a ham and cheese omelette frittata with potatoes that is

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baked oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal with peaches and balsamic

Baked Oatmeal with peaches and balsamic Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and I promise it’s not always cappuccino and croissants :). I thought we could make a baked oatmeal all’Italiana, that is Italian style. This one features

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ricotta pasta

Ricotta Pasta: a healthy pasta dish

Ricotta Pasta: a healthy pasta dish Italian tomato pasta is the quintessential pasta dish to make when you want something quick, easy, and tasty. How about making it even tastier and more nutritious by adding some ricotta? If that sounds

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