Belmorso's Story

Belmorso was born with the single aim to bring to Ireland the most authentic and tasty Italian products, all under one brand.

Where it all began
While this project is fairly new, it has been a dream of mine from the early days, and more exactly since 2005 when I started Taste with Gusto. While meeting clients, first at the markets and later at the shop, I dreamt of being able to create a brand which offered a full range of authentic Italian products. I imagined my happy customers buying those products and placing them in their pantry, and later taking them out for cooking in their kitchen, to enjoy with family and friends at their table.

Why Belmorso
For us Italians, food is not just food. We don’t eat to feed ourselves, we eat to please all our senses, in particular our taste buds. The right food, cooked and served the right way, will give you the most sensational palate experience with every bite you take. This is where the name Belmorso came from, bel morso which means nice bite.

Belmorso selection
Belmorso is a collection of all those products you love and keep buying from Taste with Gusto, and many more to come. So don’t worry, your favourite products are not going away. We just gave them a new name and look, and we will be adding more flavours, shapes, variety, and choice.

Our believes and commitment
When you grab a Belmorso product, I want you to imagine a big family with an even bigger passion for Italian food, an old man picking the freshest vegetables, another man harvesting the highest quality grains, a grandma testing those products in her kitchen, and a lot of love throughout the whole process of producing and packing the products that will arrive to your table.

We believe that innovation should not come at the compromise of quality, that’s why we only choose to work with small and medium-sized companies that have a passion for real Italian food at the core of their business. Authentic taste, high quality ingredients, and respect for traditions are important criteria in the selection of all the producers we work with.

It’s a win win for everyone: we get to bring to you tasty high quality Italian products you cannot find elsewhere in Ireland, the producers get to continue doing what they love while growing ethically, and most importantly you get to enjoy the real taste of Italy conveniently and at fair prices.