Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Is the number one ingredient you need in your pantry to elevate all your home cooked meals.

cold extract
BEM-quality guaranteed
100% italian olives

Did you know EVOO is good for your health?

You might have heard that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet on earth, and that includes Italian cuisine too.

But did you know that one of the reasons for this is the heavy use of extra virgin olive oil?

Indeed, extra virgin olive oil, when high quality like Belmorso, is high in antioxidants which help fight aging, inflammation, and promote a healthy heart.

Make sure to tell all your friends to switch to extra virgin olive oil, if they haven’t already!

The best part is that Belmorso Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes every dish tastier, even simple recipes.

only italian traditional shapes

slow-drying artisanal processing

100% italian olives

perfect bite and taste

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Customers Reviews

"Tastes strong and pure. We cook with it, and drizzle on our pasta and our salads. We love it!"
"We have been buying this olive oil for the past 4 months and it's smoothness and taste is so organic. My kids especially love it over salad."
"I'll have to keep my eye on this! My little girls would have no hesitation in drinking it straight from the bottle...Top quality!"

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