Belmorso Sweet Pepper Spread

Is one of those pesto you didn’t think you’d like but you end up loving

Did you know that?

Belmorso Sweet Pepper Spread contains almonds and raisins that give it that extra sweetness and beautiful flavours.


Pair this with...

Belmorso Wholemeal Strozzapreti, and add some pine nuts, basil and pecorino cheese.

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Who said jarred sauces can't be tasty?

Whether you are cooking for yourself or your loved ones, we know you are always striving to create delicious meals that are also nutritious and good for all of you.

That being said, it’s not always possible to cook everything from scratch. This is when Belmorso Pesto & Sauces come handy.

 They are ready to use, which means you can literally pour them over some cooked pasta, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle some cheese…and you have a tasty Italian meal.

 They are made with high quality ingredients.

 They are so tasty people might think you actually made them from scratch.

Have a look at all the recipes you could make using Belmorso Pesto & Sauces.

And don’t forget to check out all the other pesto flavours.

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quick and easy to use

High quality ingredients

perfect bite and taste

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Customers Reviews

"Belmorso Sweet Pepper Spread is fabulous on fish. Adds wonderful flavour to what can be a bland dish"
"Absolutely loved this product. So many different uses and all delicious"
"It's delicious on chicken with some parma ham, or just on pasta. So good!"

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