Salad dressing & an easy salad recipe

Salad Dressing & an easy salad recipe

With Summer approaching salads become that easy dish you can prepare to accompany any maincourse, or eat on their own for a light and quick lunch. Independently of what you eat them with, the most important thing is that they taste delicious. Today we will share with you a simple easy salad dressing that can give lots of flavour to even the simplest salads, including the one in this recipe.



salad dressing


Start by preparing the salad dressing. Add one tablespoon balsamic vinegar in a bowl.

salad dressing

To that add the two tablespoons olive oil.

salad dressing

Season with salt and pepper, and add a generous dash of dry oregano. Mix well and set aside.

salad dressing

Place your washed rucola in a plate.

rucola salad

Then cut the cherry tomatoes in half and layer them on top of the rucola.

salad dressing

Take the parmesan and using a potato peeler, cut some long and thick parmesan shavings to cover the salad.

salad dressing

Season the salad with salt and pepper. And pour the salad dressing on top.
Serve with some ciabatta bread for a light lunch or a fish or meat of your choice.

salad dressing


This salad dressing can be used for greek salads, or a similar salad where you are using an iceberg lettuce or another type of green leave. If you are vegan you can serve this with marinated tofu or grilled seitan. You can also use this salad to make a delicious regular or vegetarian panini. I would add prosciutto crudo for the regular version, and a sundried tomato pate’ for the vegeterian version.

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