Cod Recipe with Spaghetti & Turnip Tops

Cod Recipe with Spaghetti & Turnip Tops

This cod recipe is packed with protein and taste. And because it’s a quick one to make, you can make it easily as a weekday dinner. And once you do, the incredible aroma will sweep you off your feet, making this pasta become your new favourite.


cod recipe

half a fillet fresh cod
spaghetti pasta (try this wholemeal spaghetti for a healthier meal) 230g
Belmorso turnip tops pesto
1 red onion
1 lemon
salt and pepper
Belmorso extra virgin olive oil
grated parmesan 30g


Start by peeling and cutting your onion into slices.

cod recipe

Drizzle some Belmorso extra virgin olive oil in a pan, and add the onion to saute`.

In the meantime, fill a pot of water for your pasta, season with plenty salt and put it to boil.

cod recipe

Take your cod slice and cut it into 6 parts. (You can take the skin off, or you can leave it attached, and it will come off when you cook it.)

Once the onion has started caramelizing, add the cod on top, and leave to cook. Don’t forget to remove the skin that comes off, if you haven’t removed it already.
cod recipe

Throw the spaghetti to cook and follow the packaging instructions.

After 5 more minutes you can take the onions and cod off the stove.

Before draining the pasta put some pasta water aside, about half a cup. Drain the pasta and add it back to the same pot.

cod recipe  cod recipe

Add 2/3 of the Belmorso turnip top pesto jar, add the cooking water set aside, and mix the pasta well.

cod recipe

Season and add 2 tablespoons Belmorso extra virgin olive oil, and mix again.

cod recipe

Add the fish and onion mixture and mix one more time.

Serve, finish with some squeezed lemon juice and grated parmesan, and enjoy.

cod recipe


This is a great dish both if you love fish as much as meat and if you are a pescatarian. If you are however vegetarian, please note that the turnip tops pesto contains anchovies.


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