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Bring Puglia To Your Kitchen With Our Tasty But Easy Puglia Recipes

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Puglia Recipes: Appetizers & Starters

antipasti platter

Apulian Antipasti Plater For Aperitivo & Parties

Next time you are hosting or want to have a picky dinner, we suggest putting together our Apulian antipasti platter. It features local delicacies for a truly tasty antipasti.

Should you wish to, most of the products features – from the whole artichokes, to the tarallini and sun dried tomatoes, are available for purchase on our website.

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roasted pepper and tomato soup

Roasted Pepper & Tomato Soup With Balsamic

Apulians love their peppers and tomatoes, so we thought we could combine them into a sweet soup and finish it off with one of our delicious balsamic vinegars of Modena. We source the latter from a top balsamic producer in Modena.

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adding mozzarella on bruschetta

Baked Spicy Bruschetta

Whether you want a tasty lunch or a light snack to enjoy with a drink, this spicy bruschetta takes the traditional recipe up a notch. It’s also perfect to make when you are having guests over. The secret ingredient is our Cannonata spread, available in our shop here.

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Puglia Recipes: Pasta Dishes

turnip tops pesto pasta

Orecchiette With Cime Di Rapa Regional Dish

You likely know that orecchiette is the most traditional pasta of the Puglia region, so it’s obvious we are going to have multiple recipes featuring it. You can find plenty more orecchiette recipes here.

This first one is of course dressed with the regional specialty, turnip tops pesto. You can make this from scratch if you can get your hands on turnip tops, also known as broccoli rabe or rapini. Or you can buy the pesto from us here.

When you have the pesto and orecchiette is as simple as combining the two, but if you want to enjoy this pasta like the locals have a look at our full recipe.

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orecchiette with cannonata

Orecchiette With Vegetables & Cannonata

Apulians love their vegetables and their peperoncino (chilli). That’s our idea for creating the Cannonata spread, available online here.

In this recipe, we make a mean spicy orecchiette with this spread, but don’t worry if you don’t like the spice. You can turn the heat down by using less.

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mozzarella pasta ready to bake

Apulian Mozzarella Pasta Bake

Southern Italy is known for their pasta bakes, rich and cheesy with large tubular pasta. The Puglia Recipe features mortadella along with mozzarella, a really cheeky but delicious combination. If you love baked pasta with protein, you’ll appreciate this one since it doesn’t involve slow cooked meat sauces. It’s really quick.

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vegan sun dried tomato pesto pasta bake

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta Bake

Being a very sunny region, Puglia thrives on growing and drying tomatoes. That’s why our sun dried tomatoes are so loved.

This recipe celebrates our delicious sun dried tomatoes, which you can get here.

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15 minute spicy pasta recipe

15 Minutes Spicy Pasta Recipe

Do you love spicy food? Then, you got to try this 15 minute spicy pasta. It’s the ideal tasty but quick dinner you likely want to be making on a weekday night.

Again, the star of the show is our Cannonata spread.

PS: Cannonata is a very versatile product. You can use it a bread spread, a dip, and a sauce.

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lemon artichoke pasta

Lemon Artichokes Pasta

Artichokes are popular in Puglia, so much so that we even have a protected variety – the Carciofo Brindisino IGP.

This pasta recipe celebrates our artichokes and Spring and Summer. It’s fresh, simple but super tasty.

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vegetarian pasta recipe

Vegetarian Sweet Peppers Pasta Bake

Apulians love cooking with peppers and this recipe one features our delicious Belmorso Sweet Pepper Sauce. Get it here.

It’s also vegetarian, which means that it’s a great pasta bake to make when you are having vegetarian guests over. And because it’s so aromatic, it will also please your meat eater friends. You can always split the recipe in two, and just throw a few pieces of Italian sausage, to satisfy those meat eater friends.

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gnocchi salad

Gnocchi Salad With Sweet Peppers

If you like the taste of sweet peppers, you’ll appreciate this aromatic pasta salad that’s really quick to throw together. You can enjoy this one both cold and warm, and it will surprise you with its nuts and raisins addition.

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Puglia Recipes: Main Courses

Puglia loves its chillies and Salento’s chillies are really delicious, bold and hot with a bitter sweet taste. The locals love them in extra virgin olive oil, they add them to many sauces and dips as you can see from our products (many of them have a slight kick) and they even make a peperoncino liquor. In this section, we are showcasing Puglia’s love for spicy recipes with a variety of comfort main courses.

If you are not into hot food, no worries. There are also delicious recipes without chilli, and more coming soon.


spicy burger

Spicy Burger With Our Chilli Spread

This spicy burger recipe is tasty, and also quick and easy to make. It makes the perfect cheeky dinner for Fridays and Saturdays evenings when you are feeling like a takeout but want to eat healthy. The heat is coming from this Artisan chilli spread.

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making sausage sandwich

Sausage Sandwich From Puglia

This sausage sandwich with cheese it’s like a hug with a little punch. Sandwiches are comfort food, so eating them always feels like eating something comforting and delicious. This one is also a little hot and spicy. It also features Puglia’s national vegetables, the cime di rapa or turnip tops, which makes it delicious and nutritious.

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spicy Italian chicken wings

Spicy Chicken Wings With Cannonata

Of course, you’ve eaten spicy chicken wings before. But have you tried spicy Italian chicken wings?

Spicy Italian Chicken Wings are perfect when you are craving those restaurant-style wings that taste so good. They are rich, but healthy, oozing with spicy Italian sauce – Cannonata, and you can crisp them up as much as you want.

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Italian sausage on pizza

Spicy Apulian Pizza With Sausage

This spicy Apulian pizza with sausage will become your favourite thing once you try it. Let me tell you why.

  1. It’s not your usual pizza
  2. It’s spicy
  3. It’s meaty
  4. It’s peppery
  5. It’s cheesy
  6. It’s regional and made with high quality Italian ingredients like our Belmorso Cannonata
  7. It’s filling, so you can share it
  8. You can make it at home in under an hr

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spicy chicken stir fry

Spicy Chicken Stir Fry With Peppers

This spicy chicken stir fry pairs incredibly well with a busy work day. It’s like we are taking the classic Italian soffritto and turning into a full on meal, by adding chicken and veggies. The best thing is that it is a quick, tasty and nutritious meal to make. Again, we used Cannonata to spice it up. It definitely takes it up a notch from a basic stir fry.

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puff pastry pizza with artichokes

Puff Pastry Pizza With Artichokes From Bari

This recipe is magic. You can have it as a scrumptious main course with a side of veggies, or you can treat yourself with this instead of your usual pizza. It will hit the spot equally. And you can also make it for parties and dinners and serve it as an appetizer. Either make the full tart and cut it or do mini tarts. The star of this recipe is our Artisan Belmorso Artichokes.

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closing stuffed chicken with mozzarella

Stuffed Chicken With Mozzarella & Artichoke Dip

Stuffed chicken with mozzarella and artichoke dip is a delicious dinner you can make anytime you want. You might think it’s a complex recipe but it’s actually very easy and quick to make, as long as you have the right ingredients, such as the tasty Belmorso Artichoke Dip.

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filling braciole

Beef Braciole Pugliesi

This main course is a very simple one in terms of ingredients. It might require a little work to prepare, but it’s kind of therapeutic and you get through it quickly. Make sure you are using high quality ingredients, especially your beef, EVOO and tomato sauce. We used Belmorso EVOO and that always adds to the final flavour of the dish.

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Puglia Recipes: Sides & Salads

cucumber salad

Cialledda Salad

Cialledda is a very simple cucumber salad, traditional in Puglia. It’s one you can enjoy all Summer long, for lunch, a picky style dinner, or as a side. This recipe is both vegetarian and vegan. Those little crumbled bites you see are our Belmorso Tarallini, available in 5 flavours.

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potato salad

Potato Salad From Puglia

Here’s another simple salad from Puglia. It’s a potato salad you can throw together in roughly 40 minutes (or less if you cook the potatoes in the microwave). It makes a tasty healthy lunch for home, school, and work. You can however make it for dinner and serve it with some protein or a platter of cheeses, hams, and some bread. Our Belmorso EVOO brings this salad’s ingredients together beautifully, giving it an extra fresh and peppery flavour.

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roasted cheese garlic potatoes

Roasted Cheese Garlic Potatoes

These two-cheese roasted cheese garlic potatoes earned a spot on my last year’s holiday Menu; they are that good. They are cheesy and crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. We used provolone and parmesan cheese, plus our Belmorso EVOO and a few key ingredients.

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how to make garlic lemon butter sauce thicker

Thick Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce

Lemon butter sauces are well loved. In this recipe, we are showing you how an Italian would make one. If you are not into peeling garlic, you could try our garlic spread instead. It’s not as buttery and runny, but is delicious in cooking, in sandwiches and to dip or top a protein. Get Belmorso Garlic Spread.

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Puglia Recipes: Desserts

nutella tarts

Nutella Tarallini Tarts

When I created this recipe, my aim was to  share a no bake sweet recipe featuring the famous Nutella from Piedmont and the Apulian Tarallini. The result was the perfect no bake chocolate tarts. The use of tarallini as the tart helps us control the sugar amount, gives them a sweet and salty taste, and they are perfect cold or at room temperature. You can give them to kids as a treat, and you can of course replace the Nutella for a non-nut based chocolate spread.

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PS: If you found this collection of recipes useful and inspiring, save this post and come back later, as we’ll be adding new tasty Puglia recipes as we make them.

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