Ricotta & Strawberry Tiramisu

Healthy Ricotta & Strawberry Tiramisu

After my recent trip to Rome I realized that strawberry tiramisu is becoming more and more popular among both foreigners and Italians. That’s where the idea for this recipe stems for. However, the strawberry tiramisu that’s being sold out in Rome and other big Italian cities contains mascarpone, not ricotta. That means high calories, and lots of eggs.

Today, I want to try making a fresh and healthy strawberry tiramisu that’s lower in calories and also doesn’t contain eggs. That’s why I am using ricotta instead.

If you were looking for a lighter tiramisu you can enjoy more often, or one you can serve to your kids that doesn’t have coffee, you are going to love this recipe. It’s also perfect if you are intolerant to eggs.


Ricotta Strawberry Tiramisu vs the Classic Tiramisu

While the classic Tiramisu is a beloved favorite with its rich mascarpone cream and coffee-dipped ladyfingers, our Ricotta Strawberry Tiramisu offers a lively and fresh take on this iconic dessert. Instead of the traditional coffee, we soak ladyfingers in a luscious strawberry balsamic reduction, and we replace the mascarpone layer with a light and creamy ricotta mixture. While different from the classic, this unique variant retains the essence of tiramisu – it’s a layered, creamy dessert with bold flavors and contrasting textures.


strawberry tiramisu ricotta layer


Can you substitute mascarpone for ricotta in tiramisu?

Yes, you can substitute mascarpone with ricotta in tiramisu. Ricotta is lighter and less rich than mascarpone, creating a dessert that’s creamy yet not overly heavy. The subtle flavor of ricotta provides a beautiful backdrop that allows the flavors of the other ingredients, like strawberries, to shine through.


Which is better ricotta or mascarpone in tiramisu?

Whether ricotta or mascarpone is “better” in tiramisu depends on personal preference. Mascarpone is traditionally used and gives a rich, creamy, and decadent texture to tiramisu. Ricotta, on the other hand, is less rich and has a more subtle flavor, leading to a lighter dessert. If you prefer a less dense, fruit-forward tiramisu, ricotta is a great choice.


strawberries in tiramisu


What type of strawberries are best to use?

For the best flavor, fresh, ripe strawberries are ideal to use in this Ricotta Strawberry Tiramisu. Look for strawberries that are bright red, firm, and have a sweet aroma. Frozen strawberries are a no no because they will make your tiramisu very watery and dilute the flavour. If you really can’t get fresh ones, you can try dried strawberries instead, but I don’t recommend that either.


How long does ricotta and strawberry tiramisu last in the fridge?

Ricotta Strawberry Tiramisu can be stored in the fridge for up to 2-3 days. Be sure to keep it in a sealed container to maintain its freshness. This dessert often tastes better after it’s been rested for a few hours or overnight, as this allows the flavors to meld together beautifully.



strawberry tiramisu with ricotta


Strawberry Tiramisu Without Eggs

Let me show you how you can make a delicious, fresh and healthy strawberry tiramisu without eggs. It’s without eggs because we are not using the usual mascarpone filling. However, if you have an egg intolerance, make sure your savoiardi/lady fingers are also egg free.


Ricotta & Strawberry Tiramisu

Love tiramisu but want to switch things up? Try this gorgeous, healthy and refreshening strawberry tiramisu. It's super easy to make.
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Italian
Servings 2 portions
Calories 500 kcal


  • 1 chopping board
  • 1 chopping knife
  • 2 medium bowl
  • 1 large pan
  • 1 large jar or you can use a casserole



  • Wash all your strawberries. Chop about 18 strawberries into small pieces.
    strawberries for tiramisu
  • Add half to pot or pan, with 1/2 tablespoon sugar and the balsamic vinegar.
    balsamic on strawberries
  • Let it simmer on medium low heat until it creates a juicy reduction, stirring from time to time.
    caramelising strawberries
  • After 10 to 15 minutes, take it off the stove and let it cool completely.
  • Blend the caramelized Balsamic strawberries with a bit of milk. I am using oat milk. This makes enough dipping juice for 4 tiramisu jars, so feel free to blend only half or blend it and use it to top your morning granola and yogurt bowls.
    strawberry reduction
  • Mix the ricotta with the rest of the sugar, and add some vanilla essence.
  • Add the other half of the strawberries you chopped to the ricotta mix.
    strawberry and ricotta
  • Cut 6 strawberries into half and set aside. Leave 2 strawberries hole for topping.
  • You can now start putting together the strawberry tiramisu:
    First dip your lady fingers in the strawberry reduction you blended, just calculate the quantity per layer depending on the size of the jar or casserole you are making the tiramisu in. Layer them at the bottom of your jar.
    ingredients for strawberry tiramisu with ricotta (2)
  • Add the strawberries you sliced in half on the sides of the jar after you layer the lady fingers, so they can hold against the biscuits.
    PS: This is just for aesthetics, so feel free to skip this step.
    strawberry tiramisu base
  • Add a layer of the ricotta mix you prepared.
    strawberry tiramisu ricotta layer
  • Repeat with one more layer of dipped lady fingers and ricotta.
  • Insert the bigger strawberries slices on top of the ricotta layer.
  • Chop your roasted almonds, and sprinkle those on top.
    roasted almonds on strawberry tiramisu
  • Drizzle some of that balsamic strawberry reduction on top, and dig in!
  • Optional: If you love chocolate and want to incorporate it in this recipe, you could add some chocolate chips to the ricotta mix, or as a topping.


If you want to cut the calories to 400 or even less, use a low fat ricotta (Galbani has one) or a low fat Greek Yogurt.
If you are vegan, I love making my vegan tiramisu with Alpro Greek-style yogurt. Check out this healthy yogurt tiramisu recipe - Healthy Tiramisu with Yogurt – Belmorso Italian Gourmet
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