Balsamic Vinegar Recipes From Italy

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Easy Balsamic Vinegar Recipes From Italy

Welcome to our cherished collection of balsamic vinegar recipes, a true testament to the heart and soul of authentic Italian comfort food. As an Italian business, we pride ourselves on sharing high quality, traditional recipes that squarely hit the mark for homey, delicious meals.

In this guide, we’ll be exploring the rich, nuanced world of dark balsamic vinegars. We’ve carefully curated recipes that allow this prized ingredient to shine, from the first appetising starters to the satisfying main courses, vibrant salads, and even in sweet, surprising desserts. Dark balsamic vinegar, with its perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, adds an inviting depth of flavour that elevates everyday dishes to something truly special.

These recipes don’t require professional chef skills, but will make you feel like an Italian cook right in your own kitchen. Even those new to cooking will find these recipes approachable, enjoyable, and, above all, delicious.

Keep in mind, although we’re focusing on our dark balsamic vinegars in this article, the versatile world of Italian cooking offers infinite possibilities with other types as well. In due course, we plan to share a similar collection highlighting our white balsamic vinegar recipes. But for now, let’s celebrate the beauty of our dark balsamic vinegars. Buon appetito!


Balsamic Vinegar Soups & Starters

Balsamic vinegar makes a truly delectable addition to soups and starters, enhancing their flavour profile with its rich complexity. A drizzle of this Italian classic can transform a simple dish into an appetising delight, setting a wonderful tone for the entire meal.


roasted pepper and tomato soup

Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup with Gold Balsamic

Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup is a comforting soup, perfect for Autumn. Given its colours, it’s also a great dish to make around Halloween. The key in achieving its distinctive flavour is using farm-fresh vegetables and artisan extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Out of all the balsamic vinegars of Modena in our range we chose the Gold Balsamic because of its sweet and sour flavour with fruity shades.




chicken wings with BBQ sauce

Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce and Italian Fennel Salad

Having a great barbecue sauce means that your oven chicken wings with BBQ sauce will be almost as delicious as those on the barbecue. They can also be super quick and easy to throw together after a day of work when you are craving a tasty comfort meal. Of course you can use our Balsamic Barbecue Sauce when you are cooking wings and other meats on your actual barbeque.




pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie for Autumn with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

How about a delicious pumpkin pie? This one it’s not a sweet one though, it’s savoury and all the flavours are accentuated by the use of a high quality Modena balsamic vinegar like Saporoso. It’s the perfect vegetarian dish to throw together when you have unexpected guests.




Balsamic Vinegar Recipes: Salads & Sides

The sweet yet tangy notes of balsamic vinegar can lift the fresh, crisp components of salads and sides to new heights. Its ability to bring out the inherent flavours of the ingredients makes it a truly versatile addition to your salad and veggies dressing repertoire.


salad dressing

Classic Italian Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Whether it’s Summer or Winter, an Italian salad it’s a classic you can enjoy anytime. Make it extra delicious with a high quality balsamic vinegar of Modena like Saporoso. Sweet and slightly tangy, this salad is the perfect accompaniment to any protein. You can also transform it into a full on salad bowl by adding your favourite roasted vegetables, grilled protein and some Italian cheese..


roasted balsamic vegetables

Roasted Vegetables with Italian balsamic

You probably cook oven roasted vegetables all the time. What if I told you that with just the addition of one simple ingredient you can completely elevate the taste of your roasted vegetables and make everyone enjoy them a little more?….If it sounds intriguing keep reading to get the full recipe.




brussels sprouts bacon recipe

Balsamic Brussels Sprouts Bacon Recipe

Brussels sprouts are a holiday staple but I personally love them all year long. With this recipe we are going to step up our game and make them extra delicious. Balsamic goodness meets crispy bacon and caramelized onions. We are using Gold Balsamic to add extra sweetness and lower the bitterness that comes with these lovely veggies.



Balsamic Vinegar Recipes: Pasta

In the realm of pasta, balsamic vinegar can bring a delightful twist to your beloved Italian classics. It adds depth and character to sauces, creating a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness that complements your pasta dishes beautifully.



summer pasta salad with Italian dressing

Summer Pasta with Zucchini, Ricotta and Basil

It’s that time of the year when we start craving fresh ingredients, cold pasta salads, alfresco dining and simpler recipes. Well, this recipe ticks them all. Summer pasta with zucchini, ricotta and basil is a cold Summer pasta salad that’s a quick one to make for weekday dinners, yet it’s equally delicious to take with you to a Summer barbeque. Serve it warm to enjoy it all year round. We are using Saporoso Balsamic.




Vegan Nutty Balsamic Pasta with Tomato Sauce

This vegan pasta is an amazing one as it can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s simple, delicious, made with genuine Italian products…and yet it’s not your usual tomato pasta. So it’s perfect to please a crowd while still being different. Keep reading to learn how to make it. Once you make it you’ll see how a little balsamic can transform a simple dish like this one. We are using Silver IGP Balsamic Vinegar.




bruschetta pasta

Bruschetta Pasta Italiana

Raise your hand if you love bruschetta, mine is already up :)). Since we love it so much, why limiting ourselves to just bruschetta bread? No worries, we have another bruschetta recipe for you… a bruschetta pasta. Imagine the taste of bruschetta but with pasta instead of bread, so tasty.




Cappelletti with Crema di Radicchio & Balsamic

If you love bitter flavours, you’ll appreciate this recipe. Very rarely you find recipes trying to play with bitter ingredients, because most of us prefer sweet, salty and sour. That’s exactly what we are doing with this recipe – celebrating radicchio, a gorgeous vegetable with a bitter taste. It’s also a beautiful one to present at holiday and special dinners. We are using a premium balsamic, fit for special occasions, or  fancy palates – Platinum IGP.




Chicken Balsamic Vinegar Recipes

When it comes to chicken, balsamic vinegar serves as a wonderful marinade ingredient, imparting deep flavours that permeate the meat. Its robust yet sweet profile can transform ordinary chicken dishes into standout meal centrepieces. For Italians, balsamic vinegars is the way to spice up a protein we usually consider boring.


balsamic grilled chicken marinade

Balsamic Grilled Chicken

Balsamic Grilled Chicken Marinade is ideal for an easy Sunday roast. We are taking a classic dish and making it 1099% better. Imagine taking out of the oven a big casserole with a medley of vegetables topped with tender chicken thighs glazed with a sweet and ever so slightly sour balsamic grilled chicken marinade. Get ready for your kitchen to smell divine and your mouth to water. We are using Silver IGP.




salad kale

Balsamic Kale Salad with Chicken

This Salad with Chicken & Balsamic Kale is a stunning one. Being a seasonal recipe you can make all year round, it’s the perfect lunch or dinner to make when you are feeling like making a garden-fresh home-style salad. For this we are using our bestseller Silver IGP.



Balsamic Vinegar Main Courses

Integrating balsamic vinegar into your main courses can add an unexpected yet delightful layer of flavour. This gem of Italian cuisine can enrich a variety of dishes, making them heartier and more satisfying.


best balsamic ireland

Balsamic Beef and Mushrooms

This balsamic beef and mushrooms recipe is one you are going to love for weekday dinners. Here is why? It’s a simple dish, easy and quick to make. Yet, it’s aromatic and sophisticated. It’s also great for dinner dates at home; just light up a few candles and open a bottle of Chianti. We are using the high end Platinum IGP Balsamic, with its elegant and balanced taste.




eating balsamic barbecue bacon burger

Balsamic Barbecue Sauce Bacon Burger

Bite into an elevated barbecue bacon burger with sweet and woody notes. The balsamic barbecue sauce will greet you first, until you’ll meet the perfectly cooked crispy bacon and the delicious melted provolone cheese. But that’s not it.., you still need to bite into that thick juicy homemade burger we flavoured with balsamic barbecue sauce.




BBQ salmon bowl with cold polenta salad

Italian Balsamic BBQ Salmon Bowls

I you like pick and mix bowls, also called Buddha bowls, you’ll love this Italian BBQ salmon bowl with a deconstructed cold polenta salad. The best part is that you can batch cook the ingredients in larger quantities, and use them to create multiple and varied bowls for the following days. The star of the show is of course our Balsamic Barbecue Sauce.



Desserts with Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar in desserts? Absolutely! Its tangy sweetness can bring a sophisticated twist to your sweet treats, creating a unique balance that indulges your taste buds in an entirely new gastronomic experience. Use it for caramelising all your fruit; it’s a game changer.


crostata with balsamic pear jam

Crostata with Balsamic Pear Jam

This crostata with pear balsamic jam is perfect to share with your partner. That’s why we initially posted it right before Valentine’s Day. Yet, it’s so delicious we made it again for Christmas.

Here’s what to expect: sweet but not too sweet, crunchy and flaky homemade pie pastry with a hint of cacao, filled with a layer of indulgent chocolate spread, and topped with a rustic pear and balsamic vinegar of Modena jam. We used Gold Balsamic IGP.







Sicilian Cannoli With Orange Balsamic

Cannoli is such an amazing dessert you may want to make for holiday gatherings. You can make them for parties you are hosting, or prepare them and take them to dinners you are attending. And they are a great Sunday treat too, throughout the year. You don’t need an occasion to make these. Malpighi Orange Balsamic makes them extra special.







baked oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal with Peaches & Balsamic

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and I promise it’s not always cappuccino and croissants :). I thought we could make a baked oatmeal all’Italiana, that is Italian style. This one features peaches, the perfect fruit for the Spring and Summer season ahead, and balsamic vinegar di Modena.  We are using the bestseller Saporoso.






amaretto gelato

Amaretto Gelato with Balsamic Peaches

Ready for a delightful ice cream you can make at home? Amaretto Gelato here we come!! Don’t worry, we are not making it from scratch. We will be elevating a plain vanilla ice cream, and taking it to a gourmet level. We are using this Balsamic IGP Gold.






blueberry cakes

Blueberry Mini Cakes with Chocolate & Balsamic

This combination is so indulgent and delicious that you are going to love them. We initially made this recipe for the end of 2021, but this makes a great one for Valentine’s and most occasions. We used Saporoso but Platinum would also elevate these beautifully.






easter colomba glass dessert

Balsamic Colomba Dessert in a glass

Have you ever bought an Italian Easter Cake, called Colomba, and didn’t know what to do with the last few slices? In this recipe, we with you a delicious recipe to reinvent those leftover slices and create a beautiful dessert. We are using Platinum Balsamic.






Vegetarian Balsamic Vinegar Recipes

For vegetarian dishes, balsamic vinegar is nothing short of a revelation. It provides a beautifully rounded complexity that enhances the natural flavours of vegetables, making your vegetarian meals more interesting and flavourful.
If you are vegetarian we suggest you give this article a scroll as there are many we already listed that are vegetarian. Here are a couple for you to quickly check out:
1. Summer Pasta with ricotta, zucchini & basil (here)
2. Savoury Pumpkin Pie with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (here)
3. Roasted Vegetables with Italian Balsamic (here)
4. Signature Italian Vinagreitte Salad (here)
PS: All desserts above are also vegetarian!

FAQ – Cooking with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Here is a list of the most common questions with their answers.

What can I do with balsamic vinegar?

Balsamic vinegar is highly versatile and can be used in various ways. You can incorporate it into marinades for meat or vegetables, use it as a base for salad dressings, drizzle it over finished dishes for an added flavor boost, or even use it in desserts for a unique sweet-and-sour flavor.

What is balsamic vinegar best on?

Balsamic vinegar is best on salads, grilled meats, roasted vegetables, and strawberries. It also works wonderfully as a glaze for fish, chicken, or pork, and can add a tangy, complex flavor to risottos and other creamy dishes.

Can I eat balsamic vinegar on its own?

Although balsamic vinegar is typically used as a condiment, it is perfectly safe to consume on its own. However, given its strong flavor, it might be more enjoyable when used in cooking or as a garnish.

Should you refrigerate balsamic vinegar after opening?

No, balsamic vinegar does not need to be refrigerated after opening. It’s best stored in a cool, dark cupboard to preserve its flavor.

What do Italians eat balsamic vinegar with?

Italians use balsamic vinegar with a variety of dishes such as salads, risotto, grilled meats, and even on strawberries and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

What do Italians put balsamic vinegar on?

Italians put balsamic vinegar on a variety of dishes including salads, risotto, grilled meats, and cheeses. It’s also used to flavor strawberries and other fruits.

How long can you keep balsamic vinegar once opened?

Balsamic vinegar, once opened, can be kept indefinitely if stored properly. However, for the best flavor, it’s recommended to use within 2 to 3 years.

Should you shake balsamic vinegar?

Yes, it’s a good idea to shake balsamic vinegar before using it. This will help to redistribute any sediment and ensure the flavors are evenly distributed.

Is it OK to mix olive oil and balsamic vinegar?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to mix olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This combination is often used as a simple salad dressing or as a dip for bread.

Which balsamic vinegar is best for salads?

The best balsamic vinegar for salads is typically a high-quality aged version, known as “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale,” which has a rich and complex flavor. However, this can be expensive, so a good-quality Modena balsamic vinegar can also work well.

Is balsamic vinegar better than salad dressing?

This largely depends on personal preference. Balsamic vinegar is a healthier option compared to many store-bought salad dressings as it’s low in calories and free from added sugars and preservatives. However, it has a strong flavor that might not be to everyone’s taste.

Is balsamic vinegar good for you on salads?

Yes, balsamic vinegar is good for you on salads. It is low in calories, has various antioxidants, and can help enhance the flavor of your vegetables.

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